AP Exam Updates

Please be aware of the following updates from the College Board regarding AP Exams…

-Traditional face-to-face exam administration has been CANCELED.
-Testing will be ONLINE through a 45 minute free-response exam at home.
-This new exam will only include content covered up until March.
-This is completely supported by colleges and they committed to grating students with the appropriate credits pending AP Scores.
-Students will be able to take this new online exam on any device they have access to.
-College Board will provide accommodations to low income students who lack the necessary tools to complete the exam or reviews online. Use this link to contact the College Board https://collegeboard.tfaforms.net/74

– College Board is offering free AP Review Classes beginning Wed., March 25th. Use this link to access the live classes. https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/coronavirus-updates#free-ap-classes

-There will be 2 testing dates available for each exam. Students get to choose when to test. Full exam schedule to be released by April 3rd.
-Continue to use AP Classroom for review and up to date subject material. Free-response practice questions for the exam will be provided here.

Finally, starting April 3rd, the College Board is offering to waive the cancelation fee if students choose to cancel their exam/s.



All Eastlake High academic and extra-curricular  events are CANCELLED until further notice.

This includes Athletic events and practices, VAPA performances, field trips, assemblies, NMSI events, robotics events, professional development events, and large group parent meetings.

We will continually update this site to keep you informed of any changes.



After today, Friday March 13,  all athletics activities will be suspended until further notice. No practices, games, weight room, student led activities of any kind on or off campus. This applies to in-season and outside of season activities. Treat this like a 3 week “dead period” for all of our student athletes.


Prom Pricing and Guest forms

Prom is on April 25th at the PARQ Nightclub downtown. Pricing is below. Get your tickets early.

3/09-3/19 – $75.

4/06-4/17 – $80

4/20 -4/21 – $85

Last day to be cleared to attend prom is 4/11. A new NP list will be ready by late Tuesday morning 4/07. Invitations will be available starting Tuesday 3/10 at the ASB.

Prom Guest Application

EHS Students (click HERE)

  • If your guest is an Eastlake Student(9-11th grade), you need to have them complete this guest pass and have OUR admin sign them off before you can purchase their ticket.
  • Fill out with all information and leave with Ms. Liz or Sayeh in the main office. The will give to the APs for their verification
  • Please allow 24 hours for approval process.
  • Once the AP signs it, you can pick up the completed form from Ms. Liz or Sayeh
  • Bring completed and signed for to the ASB to purchase your guests ticket

Candelario – A-G – Narvaza – H-O – Bielma – P-Z


  • …your guest is in high school but goes to a different school, their schools’ admin business card and signature.
  • …your guest is in college and under 21, you need this guest pass and have the college advisor sign for them along with business card.
  • …your guest is not in high school, not in college but they work, you need this guest pass and have their boss’ business cards and sign them off.
  • …your guest is in the military, have their Commanding Officer(XO) sign them off and include their business card.
  • …your guest is not in college, does not work, we need their parents to sign them off as well as either parents’ business card or Cal Drivers ID.
  • All guests MUST be 20 or younger. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!
  • Once your guest has completed the above requirements, they give you back the completed guest form and you need to submit to OUR admin for final approval before you can purchase their ticket. Please allow 24 hours for approval process.

Candelario – A-G – Narvaza – H-O – Bielma – P-Z


AP Exam Payment Deadline

March 19th is the deadline to pay any remaining balance for AP Exams.  Make sure to clear your debt at the ASB with cash or check and bring your receipt to Ms. Bielma in the Main Office.  



The date has been confirmed, the class of 2020 will graduate on Thursday June 4th at 8:45am at Southwestern College. More important graduation information will be posted on the schools website as it becomes available. Most of the logistics of graduation will be available once we come back from spring break.

Seniors, please check out the senior webpage for more information regarding senior activities.

Thank you.
Mr. Lopez
Assistant Principal of Student Activities


Attention Seniors Regarding Personal Device Wifi Program

Eastlake High School has been slated to pilot a Personal Device Wifi program being tested in the district.  Seniors will now have the option of using personal devices on a dedicated school WiFi network while on campus.  Devices running the following operating systems will be allowed on the network: Windows 10, macOS 10.1.2 or higher, and iOS 11.0 or higher (iPads only, not iPhones).


Your student will receive a “Student Consent and Waiver” form that must be filled out and returned to the Assistant Principal Administrative Assistants in the main office.  The district will process the request and once processed, parents will be e-mailed with information on how to onboard their student’s device.


The district has created a parental F.A.Q. that can be viewed here. Additional copies of the waiver can be found in both English and Spanish.  The Student Use of Technology Policy can be found in both English and Spanish.

Again, once forms are complete, Please turn into the AP’s office.