Winter Sports Tryouts Schedule

Boys soccer

Nov 16 10am-6pm

Nov 18-20 after school at the stadium field

Girls Soccer

Nov 11-13 after school at the stadium field

Girls Water Polo

Nov 11th after school Stadium

Boys Wrestling

Nov 11th after school wrestling room

Boys Basketball

Nov 9th    8am   9th and 10th graders at the gym

Nov 9th    10am 11th and 12th graders at the gym

Girls Basketball

Nov 11  9am JV

Nov 11  11am Varsity

Girls Wrestling

November 12 after school wrestling room

Co-Ed Roller Hockey

Nov 12, 13, and 15th from 3:30-5pm at Sunset Park Rink


If you’re going to Homecoming on 10/19/19 PLEASE READ!!!!

There are no more tickets being sold!!!

A few reminders……

  • Map of check-in – Entrance
  • Parking is FREE!!!
  • A student or any other form of ID must be presented to enter the dance.
  • Students must enter the venue before 8:30pm. Students attempting to enter after 8:30pm WILL be denied entry. NO REFUNDS FOR NON-ATTENDANCE
  • All attendees agree to remain at the venue. The earliest attendees and guests may leave will be 10:30 pm.
  • All attendees of the dance must leave the dance site or be picked up within 15 minutes from the conclusion of the dance. Dance ends at 11:00pm
  • All students and are subject to random breathalyzer testing for alcohol or testing based upon reasonable suspicion at any school activity. Refusal to take a breath test will result in the student being denied entrance into the school event. No refund will be given. If a student is found to have alcohol in his/her system, the student will be detained by the Chula Vista Police Department, released to his/her parent and subject to disciplinary actions. Disciplinary actions may include suspension, possible involuntary transfer to another school, or expulsion. (Per California Education Code #48900)
  • All students are subject to search of pockets, purses, jackets, and other possessions. It is recommended that students bring as few possessions/valuables as possible to avoid loss or theft. The law provides school officials with wide latitude to search students, their possessions and automobiles in the ongoing effort to maintain a safe and secure environment and facility for all students. In the event that inappropriate item(s), illegal substances, etc., are found in a student’s possession, the student may be detained by the Sheriffs, released to his/her parent and subject to disciplinary actions. Disciplinary actions may include suspension, possible involuntary transfer to another school, or expulsion.

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The Eastlake Educational Foundation gives EHS $20,000 to EHS EVERY YEAR!!!. They are able to do this for our school and students through the many fundraising activities they organize to benefit Eastlake Schools. If you run, or are a cyclist, or you know someone who is, please tell them about this event and have them register. We need 70+ registrants to register under Eastlake High School. Events range from a 5K Family Roll N Stroll to an 18-25 mile either road or mountain bike ride. We are also looking for sponsors for this event.

Sponsor commitment form: Click HERE

Sponsor details: Click HERE

Cycle Eastlake Flier: Click HERE



IN studio picture makeup 

Boyd Anderson Photography offers to our students and staff the opportunity to be photographed at their studio on the following dates only. If you have never been photographed for this school year – 2019-20, this service is FREE. For more information click HERE. They also offer additional days in the studio for anyone that missed the picture days at school or would like to have their picture retaken. They will produce ID cards from the in-studio day and they will be sent directly to the school for distribution. For security reasons, the ID cards will not be given directly to the students. For lost or stolen ID Cards, a new one can be purchased and printed at the ASB.


New Eastlake Gear

Perfect gear for anyone wanting to show extra school spirit! To browse, click HERE to see what we have. To buy, head to the ASB. Hours are 8:30-3:00pm. We will have these available Thursday at Fall open house.