AP Spanish Literature and Culture

AP Spanish Literature and Culture

Ms. Del Sol – Karen.delSol@sweetwatershools.org

Course description
Students read and analyze Spanish literature from various Spanish speaking countries.  The historical period spans from medieval to modern times.  Besides reading, students study the historical context in which the work was made, and they analyze how historical context affects perspective and style of the work.  Part of the course requires students to analyze in writing their observations of theme, style, and historical influences on the work.

The recommended prerequisites for this class are:
Students should take A.P. Spanish Language in preparation for the course, or have studied in a Spanish speaking country.


  • How many hours of homework are given per week? There is at least one to two hours of homework per day.
  • How often are we tested? Students are tested weekly?
  • How often do we write an essay?   Essays are written at least once a month, but the writing process is practiced more often.