AP Studio Art

Advanced Placement Studio Art

Mr. Arteaga – Juan.Arteaga@sweetwaterschools.org

Course description
This course has been developed to accommodate students who have expressed an interest in completing the A.P. Drawing Portfolio submission.   By the end of the course, students will be able to submit their original A.P. Studio Art Drawing Portfolios with a total of 24 original works: 12 Breadth in-class assignments & 12 Concentration Projects completed independently and outside of class based upon an original artistic theme.

The recommended prerequisites for this class are: The completion of the following courses with a grade of B or higher: Art 1 & Art 2; Advanced Art; and a portfolio review by the instructor of 6 to 8 original examples of the students’ best quality art works.

Students are expected to attend all classes, take notes, complete research on specific artists & different art genres, complete all homework assignments & projects on time, participate in class discussions & critiques, & submit by the end of the year an AP Studio Art Digital Portfolio. 

  • How many hours of homework are given per week?  Approximately 5-10 hours on each Concentration Project.
  • How often are art projects due? Every 1.5 -2 weeks for each in-class Breadth Assignment, and once each month  for two outside of class Concentration Projects.       
  • How often do we review artwork and the portfolios? Monitoring, and completion of projects happens through-out the year with one portfolio progress check at the end of first semester, and the final AP Portfolio submission during the first week of May.