Associated Student Body

David E. Lopez – Assistant Principal of Student Activities

Sarah Camacho – Accounting Tech. 

Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 7:30am – 2:30pm

Phone: (619) 397-3850

ASB stands for Associated Student Body.  ASB is a coalition of energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated, and resourceful team of students that are elected (President, Vice-president, and Secretary) and selected (commissionerships) on a yearly basis through an intensive selection process to represent the entire student body of Eastlake High School (EHS).

The purpose of the Eastlake High School Associated Student Body (ASB) is to promote the interests and welfare of the school, its students, and the community. Membership is open to all students. Membership is voluntary. Participating students are expected to take an active part in representing the interest and concerns of the student body in school matters. The Associated Student Body (ASB) also keeps all financial transactions and records for the student body and  is responsible for all extra-curricular activities, athletics and clubs. It is an organization which is operated by students, within the guidelines of the district and with the support of the Assistant Principal of Student Activities. All funds raised by the ASB go back to students to support all student activities and athletics.

ASB Calendar of Events – Sem 2 2018


ASB Executive Cabinet

Sean Darcy – ASB President

Kaden Nichols  -ASB Vice-President

Peyton Toon – ASB Secretary

Brianna Somera – Senior Class President