Attention Seniors Regarding Personal Device Wifi Program

Eastlake High School has been slated to pilot a Personal Device Wifi program being tested in the district.  Seniors will now have the option of using personal devices on a dedicated school WiFi network while on campus.  Devices running the following operating systems will be allowed on the network: Windows 10, macOS 10.1.2 or higher, and iOS 11.0 or higher (iPads only, not iPhones).


Your student will receive a “Student Consent and Waiver” form that must be filled out and returned to the Assistant Principal Administrative Assistants in the main office.  The district will process the request and once processed, parents will be e-mailed with information on how to onboard their student’s device.


The district has created a parental F.A.Q. that can be viewed here. Additional copies of the waiver can be found in both English and Spanish.  The Student Use of Technology Policy can be found in both English and Spanish.

Again, once forms are complete, Please turn into the AP’s office.