Summer Message

Dear Community.  EHS offices and services will resume on July 21st.  Please refer to our website throughout the summer for updates. If you have questions about registration , work permits or transcripts, please note that it can take a few days for a response.  All other inquiries will be answered on approximately July 21.

Transcripts — Email Carmen Arroyo at carmen.arroyo@sweetwaterschools.org

Registration — Email elh.registration@sweetwaterschools.org

Work Permit — Email Betty Niemeyer at betty.niemeyer@sweetwaterschools.org

Counselors and Course Selection — We will have our new counselor breakdown by July 21.  If you have questions about course selection, you may start to contact your counselor at this time.

SPED — Email Nitza Romero at nitza.romero@sweetwaterschools.org

Graduation, Diplomas and Other Senior Itemshttp://elh.sweetwaterschools.org/attention-seniors/

Debt Settlements/Disputes — Email Elizabeth Candelario at elizabeth.candelario@sweetwaterschools.org

Athletics — Email Mario Ramirez at Mario.RamirezJr@sweetwaterschools.org

Academics, Programs and Arts — Please refer to our website for appropriate contact person.  Our staff is on vacation and may not return messages until we return in August.

Ricardo Cooke, Ed.D.

Eastlake High School School

Senior Non-Privilege List

Please click on the link HERE for details on how to clear senior debt.

ASB/Athletic Uniforms – Click HERE to see the list by student ID.

Library Debt – Click HERE to see the list by student ID


All seniors MUST BE CLEARED by Wednesday June 10th at 2pm.


Cap and Gowns – SDGrad

If you missed picking up your cap and gown, please contact SDGrad to make arrangements to pick it up from their store front

San Diego Graduate Supply

641 El Cajon Blvd.

El Cajon, CA. 92020

Mon-Fri 10-2pm




Due to manufacturing restrictions and shipping delays due to COVID-19, not all sashes were delivered on time including Principals Honor Roll. For these, the admin team will send a message for a future date to pick up your PHR Sash. For athletics and club sashes, your coach or teacher will contact you to make arrangements.


UPDATED – Yearbook distribution

You can pick up yearbooks this week only using the schedule below.

Monday 6/08 – Wednesday 6/10 from 10am to 2pm in the EHS Main Office. Please bring student ID.