Period 1 Room Numbers for First Day (7/20/17)

Attention all students,

Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year!

Click here to find the room number of your period 1 class for tomorrow (identify your student ID and the corresponding room number).

You will report to this room when the first bell rings at 7:03; your period 1 teacher will provide you with your locator card that includes the rest of your schedule.


Sports Physical Information

Pre-participation screenings for athletic clearance will take place on Saturday July 22, 2017.

Please find the links below for the screening schedule and required screening form.

Click here for the screening schedule.
Click here for the physical screening form.

ELH CORE Data Analysis

Eastlake High School is proud of its excellent performance in both Math and English state testing. Additionally, English Learners at ELH increased their progress by 6.5% from 2014-2015 to 2015-2016. ELH also had significant increases in the graduation rate of 3 different student groups and maintained its stellar overall graduation rate of 94.2% in 2015-2016. Two areas of focus for ELH moving forward include the suspension and graduation rates of particular student groups which trended negatively in 2015-2016. ELH will work to increase the graduation rate, and decrease the suspension rate, of these particular student groups in the 2017-2018 school year. Eastlake High School’s goal is to produce students that are effective communicators and critical thinkers, and we remain persistent in our belief that ELH is where today’s learning shapes tomorrow’s success.


Athletic Survey (for ALL students)

This survey is for all students in the SUHSD to be in compliance with Title IX regulations, that we are required to give annually.

The Athletic Survey is designed to help improve the quality of SUHSD athletic programs.

These questions refer only to interscholastic athletics, not PE classes.
Here is the link, Please take a moment to complete the survey

English –

Spanish –