Clubs and Club Related Forms


Within this page, you will find links to EVERYTHING you need to get your CLUB/TEAM charter started. They include new, fillable PDF forms that you will be required to use in order to fundraise and make expenditures for your club/team(s).  YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CLUB/TEAM CHARTER APPROVED FIRST before any fundraisers or expenses can be made.

This is the main EHS Club/Team App. It Includes everything you need to get your club/team started as well as all the necessary forms. It includes annotated examples and “How-To” videos.

The rest of the links below are additional resources.

Click this Club Establishment Process on how to establish a club/team charter and “how-to” guides for most of the documents you need.

Click the Virtual Inbox – Club Charters to submit any of the following documents

  • Club/Team Charters

Click the Virtual Inbox – ASB Forms to submit any of the following documents

  • Fundraising forms
  • Prior Approval for Expenditure Form or PO Requisition
  • Check Request
  • Club/Team Meeting Minutes

Check this – All ASB Forms link for all the links in one place including annotated “How-To’ guides for most forms.

Please be aware that there have not been any changes in the requirements for spending student funds because we have moved to an off-campus model.  All rules and regulations of the SUHSD and California Ed Code remain in effect. In order for student funds to be spent, you will still have to go through the process of having a meeting with your students/athletes to obtain their approval for expenditures on their behalf, and then submit that documentation to the ASB(Virtual Inbox – ASB) in order for the ASB to approve the expense before anything can be ordered or monies spent to be reimbursed.


We are proud to offer a wide variety of clubs here at Eastlake High School! There is something for everyone, so please check out the list of clubs we offer and attend a meeting to find out more information:

For information on any of the clubs in this list, please contact the club faculty advisor or club president.

Current Clubs 20-21


Would you like to start a club? Start by completing a charter application. You can pick one up at the ASB or fill out the one below:

Club Charter 20-21 Application – Fillable 

Athletic Charters 20-21 Application – Fillable 


All Eastlake High School registered clubs integrate the Inter Club Council. This council meets on a regular basis with the ASB Vice-President to discuss general student body topics, such as; Lu-Wow!!!, Open House, Food Fairs, Homecoming Court proposals, etc.

ICC Meeting Dates 2020-21 – Coming soon



EHS Minutes_Agenda – Fillable

Prior Approval Expenditure form – Fillable

Check Request form – Fillable

Club organization receipt record – Fillable

  • If you do a fundraiser where kids collect money for a products(Like Candy), the best option is to have them turn in their money to the ASB windows. If you collect the money, this form must be completed and attached to the deposit form.


It is important that advisors follow all of the proper procedures and protocols for maintaining a club. Please review the Club Advisor Handbook for more information.

Club advisor handbook 2020-21 Rev 6-08-20 – New handbook coming soon

Common forms of fraud – NEW 1 13 20

Student Meetings – Instructions for Structuring

Donation Form – Fillable



Check Request Officials

Concessions Tally and Inventory – For teams that sell concessions during games. Download and create your own.

Donation Form – Fillable