Senior Picture Information  

Seniors: The time has come to schedule your Senior Portraits with Lifetouch Photography. In the past, these would occur on campus, however since school campuses are closed, Lifetouch has secured a facility in the South Bay to conduct all Senior Portraits. Parents/Guardians of Seniors should have received and email from Lifetouch this past weekend with all of the details and precautionary measures being taken, but in case you did not, here is the link to the information that was sent: tinyurl.com/SeniorPortraitInfoEmail. If you have any questions, please contact xhernandez@lifetouch.com. Schedule your appointments by visiting: tinyurl.com/2021Portraits.

Click HERE for the flier and ordering info

If you have any additional concerns or unique needs, please contact one of our customer service representatives at the below phone number or email.  Or if you just need to book an appointment, please use the link we sent you in the email to book your appointment now on the website.  That will be your quickest and easiest method to book an appointment.  Here it is again if you need it:  Prestige Portraits – South Studio – book your appointment here
Customer service representative:
1.  858-935-6969 Between 9:30 am – 3:30 pm MON – FRI to reach a person by phone.
3.  Order assist:  800-736-4775

Message from the PTSA

We are ready to start selling our memberships. This year more than others we need as many as we can get. Is only $10.00.

Our funds from your memberships and kind donations go a long way!  These are some of the stuff that we give every year :

Student scholarships, Reflections (VAPA), Teacher grants, a Banner for our Seniors, Teachers luncheons,  and more…..

Also with the electronic membership card you will get extraordinary discounts at @Office Depot Chula Vista Eastlake store.

This year we will like to be able to give to all of our Seniors Class of 2021 a lei , but to make this happen we will need lots of memberships!

We added VENMO as an option to pay! Please join! link