Principal’s Monthly Message – November

Dear Eastlake Community ,

How time flies! As we approach the end of the 1st semester I wanted to share some information and thoughts about our school. First and foremost, thank you for your continued support and understanding as we navigate through the issues of EHS – parking, traffic, dress guidelines, classroom space etc. We will continue to work diligently in addressing these and other concerns and making sure that they are resolved to the satisfaction of the majority. I believe that open and consistent communication is important for you to keep current on school events so I will begin to send periodic  reports via our school website.

Our school year has been very successful to date and I anticipate a smooth closure of the first semester. We began the school year with over 3000 students and currently have an enrollment of approximately 3050. We have a staff of over 225 ( 139 teachers ) that provide and support a variety of duties and responsibilities. I am impressed with the dedication and hard work of everyone at Eastlake High School.

Academics- there is a high level of academic success at ELH for many reasons but the main reason for this is the preparation of your children.  Students are well prepared and eager to learn. If your child struggles in any class please contact their counselor immediately for support. ELH offers Homework Zone/Tutorials Monday through Thursday from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. Additionally, many ELH teachers offer extra assistance during their lunch period and after school.

Athletics – ELH continues to dominate South Bay athletics. Our football team concluded the season 8-2 and is headed to the playoffs seeded # 2 in Division 1. Our Women’s Field Hockey team captured the Mesa League title with a 19-0 record and are headed to the playoffs as the # 5 ranked team in San Diego County. Women’s Tennis also went undefeated with a 12-0 record and a league banner. Our Women’s volleyball reached the 2nd round of CIF finals. All our student-athletes  and coaches are to be commended for dedication and hard work.

Graduation – for your information and planning purposes we have a date and time for 2018 graduation: Tuesday June 5, 2018, 9:00 a.m., Southwestern College. I understand that there were many issues with lasts year’s graduation and I want to assure you that we will be proactive in addressing those issues as well as providing a graduation ceremony that represents Eastlake excellence. In order to meet supervision responsibilities at the graduation ceremony I want to inform you that there is a strong possibility that school will begin at approximately 11: 15 for underclassmen on June 5, 2018. This schedule may be necessary to have adequate staff supervision at the graduation ceremony.  We will keep you updated on this.

School start time –  I will be investigating the possibility of a later school start for the 17/18 school year. There are many issues affecting this proposal that require input from all stakeholders. Please be assured that we will listen to any and all ideas if this were to move forward. The key in this possibility is the availability of transportation services to Eastlake High , Eastlake Middle and district schools that share transportation routes with us. More to follow.

Dress Guidelines – I want to thank you for your support in maintaining and supporting appropriate dress for all our students. I realize that guidelines had not been monitored in recent years at Eastlake and this became part of the“ culture “ on campus. After some resistance but given  the opportunity to express themselves the majority of our students are following the dress guideline procedures established by Eastlake High. We continue to be proactive and simply remind students if they are inappropriately dressed. We have had very few instances of discipline being necessary for any violations. Our students have risen to the level of the expectation. They are to be commended.

Campus beautification – on Saturday Oct. 28 and Sunday Oct. 29 over 200 volunteers turned out to beautify Eastlake High School. This project could not have happened without the efforts of Ms. Linda Rankin  from the Eastlake Community Church , MS. Johanna Bielma, Assistant Principal-ELH, and of course the Eastlake community volunteers that included students and church members. This project is only the beginning . We will be having another community event in early 2018 which will include further landscaping, cleaning and irrigation work. Thanks again to all who participated in making Eastlake beautiful.

Sidewalk  – the Sweetwater School District is working with the City of Chula Vista to construct a student drop off/pickup area on the north section of Eastlake Parkway. This project will ease some of the traffic congestion in front of the school in the morning and afternoon. This project will also assist in keeping students safe from traffic.

Parking   – We continue to review and revise the  school parking situation. Although not perfect the current plan seems to be working for most students and staff. I will be requesting form the district that the dirt area in front of the administration ( closest to Eastlake Parkway )  building be paved to create approximately  20-30 additional parking spaces. More to follow.

China – I have had the opportunity at previous schools to enjoy partnerships with Mainland China schools. I will be visiting China next month during Winter break with 8 students and 6 teachers from San Ysidro High School. Ms. Tere Harris, Eastlake teacher will be going along as well. My intent is to formalize an exchange program for Eastlake High and a sister school in China. We will be visiting Harbin, Hong Kong and Beijing. This is a wonderful opportunity for students and staff.

Principal Round Table – I see a need to gather input from students about issues that affect them. As such, I have initiated the PRT for students to assist me and the administration in addressing and correcting those high priority issues. We had our first meeting on Nov. 9 and the group decided that they would like to concentrate on fixing the bathroom problem. Our bathrooms are not kept clean by our student body and although it is only a small percentage that vandalizes them it does affect everyone. Please encourage your son/daughter to take care of our restrooms.

Coffee with the Principal – I encourage to attend these functions that are held once a month. These meetings are designed to give school information and gather input from you. Check the school website for scheduled meetings dates and times.

PTSA – I am extremely impressed with our PTSA and the great work they do to provide support to Eastlake students and staff. If you haven’t done so already please consider joining our PTSA and supporting their efforts. Kudos to Ms. Vanessa Cass and the entire Board for their support. Please refer to the school website for further information on scheduled events and meetings.

As usual , please contact me or staff on any of these issues or concerns that you may have. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your children.

Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!