Student Council


Eastlake High School’s student government is a uniquely bicameral, quasi-autonomous governing system composed of the student Senate and the Associated Student Body (ASB) Cabinet which work alongside campus and district administrative officials to ensure a fair and accurate representation of the needs and opinions of the Eastlake High School student body.


Eastlake High School’s student Senate is the legislative branch of the student government and is composed of the four elected class officers of each class plus four senators elected through a special Senatorial Convention for a total of eight student representatives per class. The Senate will be headed by an Attorney General appointed at the prerogative of the AP Dean of Students. Members of the ASB Cabinet serve as ex-officio, non-voting, members of the Senate. The EHS student Senate holds the rights and responsibilities to represent the EHS student body by maintaining the power to:

  • Provide input to school Principal or her designee in general school matters
  • Introduce and vote on legislation and amendments concerning the policies and activities of Eastlake High School student body
  • Overturn any veto by the ASB Cabinet with a 2/3 majority vote
  • 20-21 Student Senate Meetings
    • TBD


Eastlake High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) Cabinet is the executive branch of the student government and is composed of the ASB President, Vice President, and Secretary, each elected in a general election of all EHS students. Members of the ASB Cabinet serve as ex-officio, non-voting, members of the student Senate. The ASB Cabinet holds the rights and responsibilities to represent the EHS student body by maintaining the power to:

  • Introduce legislation and amendments concerning the policies and activities of Eastlake High School student body to the Senate
  • Veto any legislation passed by a one-half plus one vote in the Senate
  • Enforce any legislation passed in the Senate -the Cabinet is in agreement with- or which passes with a 2/3 majority vote after veto

The student government of Eastlake High School upholds a system of checks and balances between the Senate legislative and ASB Cabinet executive branches. All legislation is subject to revision, scrutiny, and annulment by both campus and district administrative officials if such legislation is found incompliant with California or federal laws or presents an immediate threat to the safety of students or the community.