Parent Volunteers

How to volunteer at EHS:


  1. Read the Volunteer Protocoland Application.
  2. Determine where andhowyou will volunteer with a staff member (put this in writing).
  3. Fill out the application completely.
  4. Have the staff member fill out the “To be marked by district staff” portion of the application.
  5. Submit the where and how description along with the application to the front office or email them to so that Dr. Cooke can approve it.
  6. Complete the necessary online trainings (Follow the how-to)
  7. Once the necessary online trainings have been completed, Ms Ravelero will contact you with information regarding where to get the TB test and live scan (both services are paid for by the district and can take a week or two). There is no need to send certificates to Ms Ravelero as she can see them once trainings have been completed.
  8. Ms. Ravelero will inform you when you have been cleared.
  9. The volunteer needs to sign in on the district approved “Volunteer Sign-in Sheet” in the main office and/or location of school sponsored event.
  10. After approval, the volunteer will be required to display a volunteer/visitor identification badge which they will surrender following the event or activity.