Eastlake High School Mission Statement
“Where today’s learning shapes tomorrow’s success”


The mission of Eastlake High School, where today’s learning shapes tomorrow’s success, is to ensure a comprehensive educational experience that maximizes opportunities for student achievement through a system of learning distinguished by:

Creating a supportive environment that joins students, staff, parents and the Eastlake community in the educational process.
Maintaining a comprehensive network of support systems that recognizes the needs of each student.
Developing skills necessary to succeed in the work place and higher education.
Implementing a variety of educational pathways that include extracurricular options.
Fostering a variety of partnerships within the community that support Eastlake Students.
Providing a safe, student-centered learning environment.
Building a culture of the Titan way – Respectful actions, attitude and language.
Celebrating the achievement of Titans.
Valuating the diversity of people and ideas.


100% of Eastlake High School students will graduate with a plan to achieve positive goals toward future post-secondary success.
Each student will have equitable access to a variety of curricular and extra-curricular programs.


We will ensure a fully aligned standards-based curriculum including life skills with real-world connections.
We will ensure that 100% of students participate in the least one school-related, extra-curricular organization.
We will ensure that every student has an academic plan to support success in post-secondary pathways.
We will ensure that staff development supports implementation of our mission and objectives.
We will create a culture of respectful actions, attitude, and language.
We will actively promote parent and community involvement to support our mission and objectives.